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In an attempt to get back up to speed after the blizzard that walloped the Northeast on Friday, JetBlue is temporarily suspending all its flights in and out of JFK, LaGuardia, Newark and Boston.

A teen was carjacked by a bad Samaritan who helped him shovel his car from out of the snow.

At least one mailman was dealing with the soggiest of situations after the winter storm hit.

"People are starting to forget how much fun it can be to be up to your knees in snow," the illustrator says.

Make no mistake: this man is a champion of the storm, impervious to freezing temperatures, with the roar of the mighty Western Meadowlark.

Below, check out several timelapse videos of last night's storm and see what you missed out on while you were sleeping.

"I don't want anyone to underestimate how bitterly cold it this evening, temperatures will be down to 0 degrees, and with wind chill it will be worse, it will be in the negatives."

After his dad shoveled the sidewalk this morning, NYC's First Son Dante de Blasio emerged from his warm home to the media's delight: