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Brooklyn-based and Haitian-born photographer, Allen M. Pierre, photographed the many scenes of the event's return.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly shrugged off the NYPD dirty dancing video, while Mayor Bloomberg suggested it's a great advertisement for New York.

The cops caught "daggering" with dancers at the West Indian-American Day Carnival could face disciplinary action.

In this haunting video, NYPD officers cut loose and "dagger" revelers at the West Indian-American Day Carnival.

Asked yesterday about the recent arrest of a City Councilman and a top aide to NYC's Public Advocate, Mayor Bloomberg urged the two sides to work it out over a beer.

City Councilman Jumaane Williams, who was detained by the NYPD yesterday during a fracas at the West Indian-American Day Carnival, says police are lying about an officer getting punched. Also: they target black people.

Let's not let reports of gunfire and alleged racial profiling overshadow what was, despite a few bad apples, a festive and colorful West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn yesterday.

Planning to sleep in and catch up on all the latest developments in Blue Bloods on your day off tomorrow? But then you'll miss out on the 44th annual West Indian Day Parade!

Today is the West Indian American Day Carnival's 43rd annual parade. The

Elaborate, colorful, and sometimes skimpy costumed celebrants strutted their stuff during the