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"I was already handcuffed when they tased me. It was unnecessary."

Ramsaran was a native of Trinidad, and having retired from a job at a watch company, was planning to sell off her rental property on Cranford Avenue and return to the country full-time.

"Obvious neglect of care of firearm" is a violation punishable at the discretion of commanding officers.

[UPDATE BELOW] Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) has reportedly been hit with

The father of two young girls whose mother was gunned down

The driver suspected in a fatal Bronx hit-and-run on Friday has

In the Wakefield section of the Bronx, a homeowner managed to

Photo taken by ultraclay! on flickr Build-a-Bear has made a name

The NYPD made a major gang bust in the Bronx yesterday,