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While ICE detention appears poised to end in the New York City area, immigrants are being transferred across the country, severing ties with their attorneys and families.

An estimated 274,000 New York residents who lost work due to COVID-19 still haven't received any federal or state relief. State lawmakers could soon change that.

The move came after desperate pleas from immigration judges and from the government lawyers who prosecute immigrants

Immigrant advocates say it appears to be another front in ICE’s escalated effort to arrest undocumented immigrants in “sanctuary cities.”

Fair housing advocates have long argued that the city's affordable housing process puts an unfair burden on lower-income applicants, who often struggle to pass credit history checks administered by landlords.

Bills are on the table in New York and New Jersey, but are facing resistance.

NYC Care could help as many as 600,000 uninsured New Yorkers access medical care they can afford.

The government considers video more efficient, but immigration lawyers believe it can put their clients at a disadvantage.

Does your boss beat you with walkie-talkies or try to extort you