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Not since the IRT and IND joined the MTA has a pairing made this much sense.

New Jersey pols have proposed a bill that would block the state’s DMV from sharing info with New York. Empire State legislators fired back this month with a bill to charge $50 to drivers from “non-cooperative” states.

Mayor Eric Adams set ambitious goals for bus lanes and new protected bike lanes while campaigning for mayor. Both already appear out of reach.

The effort comes after Comptroller Brad Lander found the Economic Development Corporation failed to disclose $224 million in ferry-related payments over six years.

The 13,000 cameras, which cost a total of $5.5 million, will be installed on 6,455 subway cars over the next three years.

A hiring freeze early in the pandemic, combined with a surge in retirements, has contributed to hundreds of new bus drivers on the road.

“Bad service is turning people off to transit and better service will bring people back in.”

Advocates for the disabled and people with heightened vulnerability to COVID say Gov. Kathy Hochul’s decision to drop the mask mandate on public transit was based on politics.

"When subways are built into neighborhoods that are sparsely populated to begin with, people start moving there, because rapid transit makes it easier for you to live and work in two separate places."