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The 94-year-old Footman started driving cabs in 1945, and was picking up fares as recently as 2012.

None of the cab drivers were reportedly cited for infractions.

Something interesting has happened to New York's cabbies. People seem to like them more. A lot more.

Back in October those annoying TaxiTVs installed in every cab in the city started asking riders to answer a few quick survey questions and, shockingly, it seems they did.

The TLC has hired a group of college kids for $10-an-hour to catch cabbies refusing rides to the outer boroughs with depressing results.

A new TLC regulation gives more power to drivers who own their own cabs but not their own medallions.

While Bloomberg's plan for legal livery cab street hails stalls in the State Senate livery drivers are bemoaning an ongoing street hail ticket blitz.

After protesting Bloomberg's street-hail for livery cab plan in Manhattan yesterday, cabbies have descended upon Albany to protest today.

Mayor Bloomberg made a runaround on a compromise between livery drivers, the TLC and the City Council, simply sending his livery cab street hail plant to Albany.

(via niznoz's flickr) After a taxi driver not only refused to