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Don't stop believing in the infinite chronological loop of existence.

Scantily clad ladies, Clydesdales, over-paid celebrities. Yup, last nights' Super Bowl brought with it a barrage of big budget ads that were, sadly, far less thrilling than the game itself.

Last year, the Huffington Post made an infamous SEO-trolling post, "What Time Does The Superbowl Start." We thought we'd pose a much more difficult question to pin down: what time does the Super Bowl end?

Way back in January, before the Jets' Super Bowl dreams were dashed,

Pork! According to a published report, lame duck Governor David Paterson is

The NFL will be voting next week to change their overtime

Governor Paterson personally ordered two state employees to contact a woman

After Arizona decided it didn't want to host the Superbowl due

Plaxico Burress (not Christian Dudley) Former Giants star Plaxico Burress swears

Photograph by Mary Altaffer/AP In a jailhouse interview, former Giants star