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Bikers took off on a roughly 200-mile ride from Battery Park, and will arrive in the state’s capital on Earth Day next week

Senator Chuck Schumer will probably think long and hard before allowing a reporter to accompany him on his daily bike commute again.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is giving away two tickets to the presidential inauguration on January 21, 2013. You might recall that Obama's last inauguration speech made the Gettysburg Address seem like a series of simian grunts.

Senators Ben Nelson and Chuck Schumer Sen. Chuck Schumer, a long-time

In the aftermath of last week's tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona,

Senators Ben Nelson and Chuck Schumer Senator Chuck Schumer may feel

Senator Chuck Schumer is doing damage control today after he was

Photograph of a Manhattan polling place by Daniella Zalcman on Flickr

Photograph by forklift on Flickr An estimated three million people assembled