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"This is now clearly a second wave in New York City," the mayor said.

The number of people statewide hospitalized with COVID-19 has nearly quadrupled over the last five months.

As schools stay closed, indoor dining and gyms remain open to the bewilderment of many New Yorkers.

For starters, a negative test does not guarantee that a person is not carrying the virus.

The latest data shows that the city remains precariously close to a shutdown of city schools.

"It's almost like passing a baton in a race. You don't wanna stop and then give it to somebody."

Saturday's report is expected to bring a small measure of relief for some public school parents, who were told schools would close if the positivity were to climb above 3%.

Speaking on the Brian Lehrer Show, the mayor on Friday told families to "get ready" for a school closure as early as Monday.

"The only way we’re gonna get any meaningfully sustained jobs and economic rebound is to get the coronavirus under control."