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Seven miles of prime roadway, from the Brooklyn Bridge to East 72nd Street, will be closed to vehicles again next Saturday

One expert recommends, “Joggers should be proactive and keep really large distances — 25 feet or more — from anyone they cross paths with.”

Local residents say they're concerned that security in the area has decreased since the end of the summer.

Today, the NYRR sent out an email making the announcement, claiming that it was the "resulting extensive and growing media coverage antagonistic to the marathon and its participants," that led to the event's cancellation.

Did you know that marathon champ Geoffrey Mutai couldn't afford treatment for a leg injury, so "He went to work cutting trees for Kenya Power, the nation’s utility company."

Records were shattered at today's 42nd annual NYC Marathon. And one couple even got married! Watch the video below.

While you've been contemplating your brunch plans, the NYC Marathon already has its winners.