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"We remember our history, and we remember that the borders of this country closed to us in 1924 with very catastrophic consequences during the Holocaust."

There will also be "spirited Hasidic dancing" this weekend.

27 people, including four rabbis and the president of the American Federation of Teachers, were among those arrested in an Eric Garner protest on the UWS this week.

The Rabbis convened in Crown Heights for an epic group shot—which included videos of the scene taken by drone.

A prosecutor involved with the case says the phone has not stopped ringing with calls from Orthodox men who claim to have fallen victim to the alleged scheme.

Despite being a fundamentalist Christian who has his own Hispanic church, mayoral candidate Erick Salgado does have one surprising group coming out in full force for him: orthodox Rabbis.

You can read the full letter banning Woody Allen-style glasses from a Brooklyn yeshiva below.

A Brooklyn Rabbi was arrested for allegedly trying to lure a 14-year-old girl to an undisclosed location in Queens, where police say he intended to rape her.