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The Department of Human Services said applicants now have until Oct. 31 to turn in missing documents.

Councilmember Shaun Abreu, the bill’s lead sponsor, called tattoos a form of personal self-expression that often incur bias and discrimination from employers, landlords and service providers.

Murphy also says that first section will be "meaningfully longer" than NYC's 1.5-mile High Line.

On 'Ask Governor Murphy' Tuesday night, the governor said he expects legislation in the next month or two.

The ban prevents people in the state’s correctional facilities from receiving packages from in-person visitors.

Stop if you’ve heard this one before: The incumbent governor and the challenger can’t get on the same page for debates.

The call-in show with Gov. Phil Murphy is your chance to get your questions heard. It returns to WNYC September 27th at 7 p.m.

The 49th governor, a Democrat, suffered politically after raising taxes. Even decades later, he defended that as the right and necessary move.

The bill would regulate the state’s temp worker industry that employs roughly 130,000 people.

A city commission is releasing new draft maps after receiving thousands of responses from New Yorkers.