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Cops believe it was a prostitution robbery gone wrong.

"He lived a reckless lifestyle, to be straight up," his father said.

Woody Allen has long cast himself opposite beautiful actress, but this is the first time that the subtext has become completely overt. Watch the trailer for "Fading Gigolo" below.

Meet Pimp Cop, who is bag-bang-bouncing all over Queens.

"How could he be holding them against their will if they can come and go?" asked his mom, Theresa. "He's a ladies man."

When asked if his father was busted, the alleged pimp's son replied, "oh yeah."

Why does the Manhattan DA's office assume that the "King Of All Pimps" was prostituting someone?!?

Five men and a woman have been indicted for allegedly kidnapping, gang raping and prostituting a 15-year-old runaway girl in an Ozone Park, Queens house they were illegally squatting in.

A NJ man is accused of impersonating a cop and threatening hookers with jail time if they wouldn't give him free sex