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The investigation marks New Jersey's largest-ever pill seizure.

Fraudulent prescriptions were made out to "Coach" and "Chanel."

Police were able to track the suspect down quickly yesterday because he stole a decoy pill bottle equipped with a GPS device.

Prosecutors say a prominent doctor defrauded Medicaid out of more than $300,000 by writing bogus OxyContin and Percocet prescriptions for about 30 patients at a Harlem clinic. She says it was her alternate personality.

"The kids that hang out there are not a good crowd. But an alligator? Why would you want an alligator in your basement?"

Yesterday the DEA recovered 122,000 illegal pills including Ecstasy, Percocet, Viagra and Xanax from four locations in the Bronx. And, oh yeah, one of those locations was a home that housed a day care center.

A 13-month-old Bronx boy died early this morning after he swallowed medicine from a prescription pill bottle—and police believe it happened because his parents gave him the pill bottle to play with as a "rattle."

David Laffer, who is accused of killing four people during a Father's Day massacre at a Long Island pharmacy, may plead guilty tomorrow.