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Joel's reps did not comment on whether anyone approached and put some bread in his jar and said, "Man, what are you doin' here?"

What's a piano even doing in the East River? So far, calls to the city's Department Of River Junk and Department Of Pianos have not been returned.

Legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, who wrote immortal songs such as "Take Five" and "Blue Rondo a la Turk," died Wednesday morning of heart failure at Norwalk Hospital, one day before his 92nd birthday.

They're estimating the piece of Hollywood history will get somewhere around the $1.2 million mark.

Hamlisch wrote the music for "The Way We Were" and "A Chorus Line."

A former principal in the Bronx apparently hired movers to bring a piano donated to his school to his home.

Watch self-proclaimed "folk hero" Colin Huggins bring his 650-pound busking instrument to the park.

When Casio noticed 13-year-old piano-playing subway busker Jason Cordero playing on an old model, they sent over a brand new one right quick.

Dun dun dun... A piano has been stolen from a park in the Bronx!