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The state appellate court threw out a 2018 lawsuit that had argued the hotel at 158 West 58th Street was too old and unsafe to house a $60.8 million, 150-bed men’s shelter.

The foreclosure is happening after the shell company that bought the apartment didn't pay back a $35.3 million mortgage in time.

A soft super luxury market means that an LLC trying to flip a condo at one of New York's most-hated buildings will do so at a loss. We'll take it.

Despite rampant sidewalk-blocking all along the route, the NYPD, so vigilant in protecting the public from this crime during both Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter demonstrations over the years, were nowhere to be seen.

Unless your name is Mr. Burns or Jeff Bezos, you probably will never step inside the most expensive rental unit in NYC.

64% of all residences in the Time Warner Center are owned by shell companies.

Let's be exact: they spent $100,471,452.77 on the apartment, making it the most expensive single-family home purchase in NYC history.

Their money lives here so they don't have to.

Members of the "global super elite" are driving up the cost of real estate in New York City with $95 million penthouses and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.

One57, the 90-story glass tower rising across from Carnegie Hall, may break not one but two real estate records this year.