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Councilmember Shaun Abreu, the bill’s lead sponsor, called tattoos a form of personal self-expression that often incur bias and discrimination from employers, landlords and service providers.

The City Council’s committee on criminal justice held a six-hour hearing on the issue — but no vote.

Manhattan prosecutors got an unprecedented look at the squalid and deadly conditions in which defendants are held.

A report by the Center for an Urban Future asked prominent New Yorkers, including former city officials and industry leaders, how New York City could become a more equitable place.

Advocates and local elected officials have been raising concerns about the legality and logistics of the shelters since the plan was proposed last week.

The ban prevents people in the state’s correctional facilities from receiving packages from in-person visitors.

The 14-year construction project would dramatically reshape New York City’s waterfront and be one of the largest infrastructure projects in the area's history.

An array of uncertainties threaten to slow or thwart the ongoing recovery and drive up the city’s budget shortfalls in the coming years.

Transgender and gender-nonconforming patients can also face stigma and barriers to care.