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The leader of the militant neo-Nazi group was married in NYC in 2012, and previously owned an apartment in Midtown.

A controversial social network popular among neo-Nazis and members of the alt-right has gone offline, for now.

Anti-immigrant posters linked to a violent neo-Nazi group were found in Sunnyside this past weekend.

Video of the white supremacist group parading through the park has emerged, showing their all-white members singing the national anthem while antagonizing and trying to block the videographer.

"He throws the phone on the ground and they just start jumping us right in front of the bar."

Trump tweeting out anti-Semitic memes against Hillary? How unsurprising.

The second night of the festival was moved to Santos Party House in Tribeca, following social media outrage.

Members of some of the bands slated to play on August 31 apparently have neo-Nazi ties, with fans in the past reportedly having caused some...problems.

An NBC producer has been fired for editing the George Zimmerman 911 call to make it seem as though Zimmerman told police that Trayvon Martin was black without being prompted.