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Listed crimes also included murder-for-hire conspiracy, plotting robberies, running illegal gambling parlors, and selling narcotics.

He was accused of helping to orchestrate the then-biggest cash robbery in American history.

An investigation between the DEA and FBI culminated this morning with the arrest of five high-ranking members of the Bonanno crime family; one of the defendants was a major character in the film Donnie Brasco.

The financial crisis seems to be hitting all professions hard lately, and the mafia is not immune: three Gambino associates are charged with running marijuana grow houses and a cocaine distribution ring on SI.

According to the prosecutor, Basciano had lived a "cold-blooded and remorseless life," and therefore deserves to die.

Mob boss "Vinny Gorgeous" AKA Vincent Basciano was convicted of ordering the murder of Randolph Pizzolo, a "renegade" mobster who was gunned down in Greenpoint in 2004.

In which we delve into the seedy underbelly of the Gothamist tip line to share our readers' most pressing concerns.

The lovely ladies of the new VH1 series "Mob Wives" Mobsters

Reason #73 why being a mobster is the best criminal profession:

Brooklyn's Anthony (Todo) Anastasio, 80, a member of the Gambino family,