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The 27-year-old designed a “SuperCam” to look for signs of life in ancient lake bed. The rover is slated to land Thursday.

A Long Island native has been selected as one of 100 finalists to be shipped off to Mars on a private, one-way expedition.

C.K. got extra real today in an extended Twitter thought experiment that touches on Mars, global warming, bopping around on moons, and feelings.

If you're going to watch a NASA rover land on Mars, why not do it with your fellow Earthlings in one of the busiest places in the world?

The Curiosity Rover said 14 hours ago, "Right now, I'm closer to Mars than the moon is to Earth. 28 hours to landing!"

The 55,000 square foot Park Avenue Armory has been transformed into a retro-futuristic tribute to the American space age with a sprawling installation made entirely from salvaged materials and DIY catalog orders.

Looks like the Mars Company has some illegal advertising going up