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Two of the three major Republican candidates for governor in the Garden State think Trump won the November election.

Some New Yorkers saw evidence of bias in the NYPD's hands-off treatment of the Trump caravan, compared to the violent response to peaceful anti-Trump demonstrators.

Willie Ames shoved a man into the subway tracks after ranting about Mexicans taking jobs, prosecutors said.

'We contemplated firing him, but didn't think it warranted that,' the co-owner of Jake's Dilemma says about a bartender who ejected a Trump supporter on Saturday.

If you—like some of our colleagues—hear the chanting echoing through the streets as you exit the Spring Street subway station, it's... disturbing.

The parody posters feature a slovenly-dressed man wearing a MAGA hat with a Confederate flag heart tattoo—he is also holding a Chick-fil-A drink, in case the message of the poster was not apparent enough.

Hey, whatever happened to that Kanye West dude? What's he been up to lately?

You can hear Chris Rock literally laughing and whispering 'oh my god' in one video.

Was Cuomo about to take a nuanced position about race and gender in America, one that might appeal to the supporters of his challenger, Cynthia Nixon?