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The most expensive movie theater in the city just opened in the South Street Seaport, where you can watch 'Sully' for $32 while getting served $22 shrimp cocktail at your seat.

This week's question comes from someone who can't help deriving aesthetic satisfaction from a widely-despised new residential tower.

"The whole notion of a deed restriction is that a luxury housing developer doesn't swoop in and take the property away from the community."

A new building is going up in Midtown, and it looks a little...sideways.

Another opulent Manhattan skyscraper has a special, crappier door reserved specifically for affordable housing residents, because it's important to protect the wealthy from the sight of those wearing less expensive pants.

The condo, located at 27th Street and 3rd Avenue, offers all the luxuries of a two-bedroom apartment spread out amongst 22 human beings.

St. Vincent's Hospital was upgraded from a dingy healthcare center to luxury apartments somehow located in Los Angeles.

The upper crust is rushing to get a piece of the forthcoming luxury condo tower 432 Park Avenue, which, when complete, will be the tallest residential building not only in New York City

Hotelier Andre Balazs is reportedly turning the decaying but gorgeous 19th century building at 5 Beekman into a hotel.