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Passengers traveling through JFK's busiest terminals will now encounter a new type of checkpoint screening, one that officials claim will improve security while reducing wait times by 30 percent.

A lightning strike BURNED A HOLE in one of the airport's runways, and officials say flights are now delayed by about 1.5 hours.

The city is cracking down big time on illegal cab drivers trying to solicit business from oblivious tourists flying in to La Guardia.

Everything was totally normal until the plane almost crashed into Flushing Bay!

For the deluge of "leaving New York essays" with which we're regularly assaulted, the actual process of leaving New York is surprisingly difficult.

The Port Authority will pick three winning teams, and each will be awarded $500,000 to further develop their proposals.

The surprising thing about the recent uptick of in-air passenger disputes over reclined seats isn't that they're happening—it's that they didn't happen more before.

'[T]o be a world class, 21st Century airport that serves all its passengers, LaGuardia must have viable and modern mass transit.'

The lack of smell lines should have tipped us off.

"Next to the bag is a substance that looks like marijuana," says one source.