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Citi Bike is predominantly catering to wealthy, white New Yorkers, while leaving behind low-income residents and communities of color, according to a new study out of McGill University.

A man hit two police cars and tried to get away by jumping off the bridge.

Someone called the NYPD after seeing what looked like someone, clad in a red robe and white bonnet, about to jump off a Manhattan building.

A man and a three-year-old child were both killed today after the man fatally jumped from a Manhattan building. [Updates Below]

This photo shows a man about to parachute off the WTC's North tower in 1975.

A 37-year-old Chinatown man was arrested yesterday and forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he allegedly held his roommate hostage and menaced him with a knife, according to police.

A man was fatally struck by a 1 train at the W 28th Street station in Manhattan this afternoon.

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