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P.S./M.S. 5 in the Bronx has 65 new students who are asylum seekers. The unexpected surge has strained the school’s budget and challenged seasoned educators.

The $300 million proposal comes as the state struggles to provide services for thousands of asylum seekers sent to New York from Texas.

These migrants from Venezuela braved jungles, wild animals, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal to call the U.S. home.

A plan to open two so-called "humanitarian emergency response and relief centers" is drawing the concerns of housing experts over whether the tent structures skirt a city mandate to house homeless people.

Following the suicide of an asylum seeker, the network of volunteers and activist shepherding new arrivals say more is needed from city officials.

The ceremony at New York's historic port of entry came at a critical moment for the city’s relationship with immigrants.

Advocates are calling on city officials to reform the so-called CityFHEPS program to allow undocumented immigrants to access aid, among a host of other changes.

Over 575 homeless families living in Win shelters couldn't apply for housing vouchers due to an “illogical” 90-day shelter rule that’s contributing to the city’s strained shelter system, the organization said.

NYC Immigration courts grant asylum at dramatically higher rates than courts in Texas, offering asylum seekers an unexpected silver lining.

The new students, who arrived with some 6,000 asylum-seekers in recent months, will receive specialized aid, the schools chancellor said.