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Advocates and local elected officials have been raising concerns about the legality and logistics of the shelters since the plan was proposed last week.

The ban prevents people in the state’s correctional facilities from receiving packages from in-person visitors.

A plan to open two so-called "humanitarian emergency response and relief centers" is drawing the concerns of housing experts over whether the tent structures skirt a city mandate to house homeless people.

Data in the annual Mayor's Management Report shows shelter stays average two-and-a-half years. Meanwhile, affordable housing production is on the decline.

Some say they can only access shelter resources through telephone translators or translation apps. Others say they have to go across the street to mingle with others in secret.

Following the suicide of an asylum seeker, the network of volunteers and activist shepherding new arrivals say more is needed from city officials.

The hiring of Annemarie Gray, a senior advisor for land use policy in City Hall, is part of a broader effort by Open New York to become a bigger player in shaping local and state housing policy.

Mayor Eric Adams appeared on several Sunday morning talk shows to discuss the more than 11,000 migrants who have arrived in the city since May.

The mayor issued a statement Wednesday saying that the city’s shelter system was “nearing its breaking point.”

A recently enacted law mandates the Department of Social Services to post data on supportive housing.