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In addition to the first mention of Gothamist, the D.C. brief contains the first appearance of the phrase "epic rager" in Supreme Court history.

"There was pot everywhere...There was a knife and a pair of panties on our bed. That was pretty interesting."

The Airbnb listing asked $2,500 per week.

Nine were shot, and four more were injured in the fracas.

He was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.

“Darius is a focused go-getter. He had two jobs and he worked every day. You don’t find too many 17-year-olds that go to school full-time and hold down two jobs,” said the victim's father.

A man has been arrested for carrying out a bloody spree of botched robberies and random shootings in Brooklyn yesterday, which left one person brain dead, 4 others shot, and at least 3 more injured.