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The new Midtown location's just about to open, meaning NYC is not longer a one Recession Special town.

Until this news, there was only one remaining frankfurter stand in NYC.

Hot dogs are one of the best food inventions of all time, and this city's got a million of them. Here are the best ones.

Oh and also it's going to be replaced by lame juice bar Liquiteria. Everything is horrible.

The Greenwich Village outpost has been dismantled and is now feared dead.

Salmonella-tainted papaya from Mexico is, unsurprisingly, really screwing things up for Gray's Papaya.

Chicago-style hotdogs are coming to New York, and their creator is on a mission to convert the nonbelievers.

The Gray's Papaya at 72nd St and Amsterdam Ave is raising prices and railing against the man that's forcing them to do it.

An unofficial hot dog pizza from Gray's (Serious Eats' flickr). Well

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