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Bathed in neon lights and cow-print booths, the bar will host events and drag shows.

The owner of nearby Metrpolitan has taken over the bar, which will reopen as a gay bar.

Lulu's owner wants to take advantage of changing demographics in Greenpoint and turn it into a gay and lesbian bar. The only problem? His landlord specifically said in his lease that he can't do that.

Williamsburg hotspot Metropolitan's vine-tangled patio, scattered with picnic tables and lawn chairs, draws throngs of tank-top-wearing, chain-smoking, $2-PBR-swilling gays from across the city seven nights a week—and the neighbors have had enough.

The Community Board that covers Hell's Kitchen voted against recommending a liquor license for a gay bar that would be near two schools.

Outside Julius [UPDATE BELOW] A man with a history of luring

Governor Paterson has donned his trunks and splashed down in the

(Brownstoner) Part of living in a city with a respectable number