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"Over the last several decades coyotes have been expanding their natural range in response to ample food and open habitat," the Parks Department said.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed to Gothamist on Wednesday that the investigation into Alexander's death "continues."

The NYPD issues far less public-sex summonses these days.

The 33rd Annual Medieval Festival attracted tens of thousands of visitors on Sunday.

Video of the white supremacist group parading through the park has emerged, showing their all-white members singing the national anthem while antagonizing and trying to block the videographer.

The group posted photos on Twitter documenting the display, while also taking care to make sure their faces were hidden.

There were numerous demonstrations—sword swallowing! archery! live action chess!—for revelers to enjoy while taking in the stunning views.

The free celebration of ye olde days of fair maidens, merry friars and unicorns takes place on Sunday, October 1.

The park was packed with tens of thousands of often elaborately costumed revelers and combatants.

Her six-month-old daughter sustained an injury to her lip.