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It's well established by now that Anthony Weiner's a shamelessly creepy weirdo sideshow freak with a raging ego, but there's something about this video that really throws it into high relief.

How bad has the News Corp.'s British phone-tapping scandal gotten? So bad that earlier today a group of British lawmakers issued a report that called Rupert Murdoch unfit to lead his empire.

England, the place that brought us Andrew Lloyd Weber, Ghost The Musical and the straight play of The Graduate (to name just a few of its gifts) is at it again.

Sure second-hand smoke is bad for your health, but is it as bad as second-hand chainsaw?

With four British food spots on the strip and counting, that "Little Britain" moniker is actually starting to happen...

s England actually The Island of Dr. Moreau? The short answer is no, but the long answer is...maybe someday soon?

A British woman's scolding etiquette e-mail to her daughter-in-law to be has been making its rounds on the Internet, but she really shouldn't have been surprised considering her son's beloved's choice in head gear.

We thought we had every tacky Royal Wedding tie-in we could

The Royal Wedding is, like, so close mates. And we don't know

Back in the spring, a tourist sidewalk lane magically appeared along