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Whether they were sitting snuggly in a Baby Bjorn or being serenaded by a Mariachi band, some of our favorite stories of the year were about animals. Click through to check them out!

Police suspect that a Black Mamba snake killed a Putnam County woman this week—the couple were living with 75 snakes altogether, including 56 poisonous ones. But was it just an accident?

Ok, enough is enough. Her escape from her cage was clearly a

You thought it was over when she was found. You thought

Introducing...Mia! It was barely two weeks ago that the Bronx Zoo

After getting over 28,000 submissions for names, the Bronx Zoo and

Does this look like a Wanda to you? Yesterday, the Bronx

When you start pulling April Fools jokes with Ryan Seacrest it's

After nearly a week of panic and pun-filled stories, Cobra Watch

It's been a long and harrowing six days of Cobra Watch