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You don't have to head far to get on the river this summer. Spend a few hours to a few days paddling through tree canopied rivers, with a different view of New Jersey than the one stereotypically depicted as an industrial wasteland. Starting from easiest to more challenging, try these five canoe trips in New Jersey:

In fact, there are plenty of ways to have an enjoyably off-kilter summer trip down the Delaware shore, starting with the 85-minute ferry from Cape May to Lewes.

Delaware police reportedly descended on the home of a 17-year-old girl who received a Twitter direct message from Rep. Anthony Weiner, who admitted contacting her, but claimed nothing "explicit or indecent" in his communications.

Last night in Delaware, Tea Party upstate Christine O'Donnell defeated mainstream

Just because new research suggests that marijuana isn't really a gateway

Delaware police have tentatively ID'd a little girl found Sunday in

In MTV's drop everything email press release this weekend, which turned

Via An ostensibly win-win program to reincarnate old subway cars

Good news for metro mammals; the New York City tap water is