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'This social justice proposal will help to curtail a nefarious practice that is tantamount to extortion of formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as innocent people.'

Some disillusioned chocolate connoisseurs even returned their Mast Brothers purchases and demanded refunds in the wake of all the bad press.

Because only Vampire Weekend or Kanye West could possibly find themselves wrapped up in a controversy with people who fetishize cars.

Ashley Mayo Tweeted this photo from Central Park this morning, "Angry runners are standing under the NYC Marathon's 24-mile mark and holding up their middle fingers."

The Catholic League is mostly upset because the photograph is being shown in Midtown.

This week, a hardcopy version of rejected "New Yorker" covers is being released—so now is as good a time as any to revisit them, including the NY-centric ones above.

[Updated] Low-budget vodka Wodka has really figured out how to makes its advertising budget stretch thanks to controversy. Those "X Quality, Y Pricing" billboards turn out to be a great way to anger people.

It took three days, but CNN has succumbed to pressure and suspended commentator Roland Martin after his arguably homophobic Super Bowl tweets about David Beckham's H&M ad.

We found last night's Super Bowl ads tame, but at least one of them has managed to cause some controversy. Damn you, David Beckham, for causing heterosexual men to question their sexuality!

Is the news that American's benevolent butter queen brought diabetes upon herself really that surprising?