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Urban gardeners are witnessing the incremental shifts of extreme weather unfolding in their crops. An oral history now documents their stories.

Most of these historic fruits were once plentiful on the city’s grassy knolls and hills. But they’ve since been mostly lost to climate change and mass agriculture.

They say they were locked out without ever getting eviction papers.

The Bronx Hot Sauce is produced with peppers grown in the borough's community gardens.

It was turned into a garden 1983, after decades of alleged neglect, during which time the lot was frequented by drug dealers. Now it is to be a residential building.

Volunteers say a community garden erected at 99 South 5th Street was wiped away Thursday morning without warning.

Environmental advocacy group Time's Up broke ground on a new community garden on Sunday—but the space is slated to become affordable housing. Who will prevail?

Flickr user vivnsect Based on public comments on draft rules, the

On the eve of a public hearing about the Park's Department's new