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According to a DOT release, the first phase of the $100 million, 7-mile Queens Boulevard overhaul is set to begin in August, stretching 1.3 miles from Roosevelt Avenue to 73rd Street.

"The call from Harlem residents is now is the time to make the streets safer. We can’t continue to wait while more and more people are killed on this street."

Remember that barely legal fixed gear bike race through the rain-soaked, cobblestone

Flickr user wallyg A 76-year-old man was struck and killed yesterday

Last night, a man crossing Queens Boulevard at 44th Street was

Queens Boulevard, dubbed the "Boulevard of Death," was the scene of yet

Rego Park and Forest Hills have been home to Uzbeki immigrants for

Yesterday, a five people were injured on Queens Boulevard at 47th Street

The amNewYork cover story is about dangerous intersections in the city. Queens

Last night, a man was crossing Queens Boulevard at 67th Avenue when