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'This winter i will prepare my most elaborate stage concert yet, where the acoustic and digital will shake hands, encouraged by a bespoke team of collaborators. Warmth, Bjork.'

Only Bjork can reduce an audience to tears at an hour most New Yorkers reserve for brunch.

A peek at the musician's massive retrospective opening this weekend.

Ready your eardrums for some unearthly song noises and prepare for your life to change.

A "highly experimental" Bjork exhibition is coming to MoMA next year.

Musicians from Paul McCartney and Madonna to the Vivian Girls and Whitney Fierce of Hercules & Love Affair have publicly shown support for Pussy Riot, and now Bjork's throwing her name into the ring.

Björk has teamed up with the NYPL and the Children's Museum to bring her brand of knowledge to your children's moldable minds.

Somehow despite her hyperspatial-Euclidean fizziness, Colbert didn't once mention the red brillo beehive-like wig elephant in the room. Below, check out the interview as well as an iPad-aided performance of "Cosmogony."

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