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Josh Solomon, a reporter for the Times Union in Albany, broke down the numbers on WNYC's "All Things Considered."

Three years ago, New York was on the verge of limiting broker fees for prospective tenants. Why did a once-popular proposal to cap the fees vanish?

It's not difficult to imagine how a Senate union could dramatically change the way major negotiations go down at the state Capitol.

Despite what they claim was significant support from Democratic legislators, parole reform advocates failed to get a vote on two measures.

Lawmakers in Albany have doubled the amount of funding meant to incentivize developers to convert disused hotels into low-cost housing and removed regulatory hurdles. But questions remain over whether it’s enough to make a difference.

Statewide elected officials and Assembly lawmakers are in full campaign mode.

The mayor on Saturday joined public housing residents in Brooklyn to celebrate one of his key agenda items in Albany — the creation of a new public trust that will provide more federal money for repairs.

Nearly 800 bills now await Gov. Hochul’s signature after lawmakers neared the end of their annual session early Friday morning.

The Democratic mayor is trying to get lawmakers to extend mayoral control of schools.

“We need every tool available to us to save lives and fight the rise in reckless drivers," DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez said.