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Precious is a culture and arts reporter covering the diverse arts community around New York City.

Precious Fondren

After sitting out two years because of the pandemic, the ambitious festival came back strong through sun and rain on Sept. 10 and 11, once again providing a creative safe space for Black communities.

As J’Ouvert returns to the streets of Brooklyn, people will once again dress in outlandish clothing to represent folkloric characters.

From huge events by Roxy Music, Mary J. Blige, and Pavement to important showcases for rising stars like Rema, Kali Malone, Remi Wolf, and Seth Parker Woods, here are the fall music events you don't want to miss.

A 10-day celebration running August 12th-21st, Harlem Week offers concerts, health events, virtual dance parties, and more for audiences of all ages.

Artist, DJ, and photographer Derrick “D-Nice” Jones is bringing his pandemic-era virtual party out into the real world.

Filmmakers and visual artists have emphasized images of everyday courage and resilience to counter “invisibility” and distrust.

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