Now that the whole Derek Jeter contract negotiating near-fiasco is done (albeit, after a last minute "angry" press conference), the Yankees have turned their attentions toward pursuing pitcher Cliff Lee and outfielder Carl Crawford. Lee, whom Joe Girardi calls "important to us," has already been offered two seven-year, multi-million dollar contracts with the Washington Nationals and an unnamed team (probably either the Anaheim Angels or Rangers). The rumor mill has it that Yankees are expected to offer him a mammoth 6-year deal worth between $140-150 million very soon. Even Yankee fans can't get in the way of a deal like that, right?

As they pursue Lee, ESPN reports that they have their eye on Crawford as well, and may be willing to make a trade for the All-Star, if he doesn't go to the Angels first, "The most likely scenario would call for them to deal either center fielder Curtis Granderson or right fielder Nick Swisher. If Granderson were traded, then Brett Gardner would move to center."