This weekend a Yale student struck three people, killing one, with a U-Haul at the Yale-Harvard Football game in New Haven and, though no charges have been filed, his lawyer is now trying to shift the blame to the vehicle. Meanwhile the victim's mom just wants her baby's body back.

On Saturday Yale junior Brandon J. Ross, who passed a field sobriety test, drove a U-Hault truck into a tailgating crowd, killing Nancy Barry, 30, seriously injuring 30-year-old Yale student Sarah Short and sending Harvard employee Elizabeth Dernbach to the hospital with minor injuries. William Dow, Brendan Ross's lawyer in New Haven, now says the collision was a "tragic accident that appears to be the result of a vehicle malfunction," but is not elaborating on what the vehicle's malfunction was.

Ross has not spoken publicly to the press, but he and his family have expressed their condolences to those involved in the accident. And it seems that his sympathies are being taken at face value. "We’re not blaming anybody," Barry’s mother, Paula St. Pierre, told the Boston Globe while expressing her desire to get her daughter's body back to her native Salem. "In my heart, I’m just hoping she didn’t suffer."

While she waits, both schools and the New Haven Police department are investigating the deadly accident and awaiting the results of a full forensic investigation.