A 68-year-old woman carrying her groceries was fatally struck by a white Dodge Charger as she was crossing 93rd and Columbus Avenue yesterday afternoon. Margaret Fischer was reportedly not in the crosswalk, but was mowed down by the car. She was quickly rushed to the hospital, where she died. One witness told the Post, “She was laying there like a ragdoll. All of her groceries were all over the street and her shows were knocked off." A Good Samaritan chased down driver 24-year-old Jessica Altruz, who fled the scene. Altruz reportedly yelled (or sobbed) at the scene, "It was my light!"

Altruz hit Fischer so hard that it shattered her windshield, but she still attempted to drive away. She was stopped a block later, and was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an incident. It's unclear whether Altruz actually did have the light. According to recent data, 45% of pedestrians killed at intersections were obeying traffic signals when they were struck.