Between all the sexting, age-based name-calling and inexplicable Brit-mocking, it's no surprise that Anthony Weiner's popularity has hit its nadir. A new Sienna College poll found that his supporters total only 11 percent of the voting populace, and for the first time, Weiner seems to be wearing out.

“The pressures of the campaign are coming onto me a little bit, the challenge of everyday life moving forward," the Sexting Candidate That Could reportedly told parishioners yesterday at Salem Missionary Baptist Church. But what about all that talk about fighting through tough times? What about the maudlin soundtrack?

As his campaign peters out, Weiner seems already to be looking toward the future. Reality television has long offered refuge to high-profile failures, and if the Post is to be believed, it looks like Weiner is already preparing himself for the Next Thing. The tabloid reports that MTV filmmaker Josh Kriegman—and Weiner's former congressional district director?—has been traveling with the long-shot mayoral hopeful, mike box and all, for the past few weeks. We call dibs on the Weiner reality show/Sydney Leathers porn mashup that will invariably result from this.