You may have noticed that the MTA is rolling out a new ad campaign, this one aimed at reminding you that the MTA is your friend. Instead of the PSAs and customer safety warnings of SubTalk and BusTalk, the "Improving, non-stop" campaign tells riders what the MTA is doing to make their ride better. MTA spokesman Paul Fleuranges told the Times, “We don’t really do a good job of telling our customer what we’re doing, or what we’ve done, or what we are in the process of doing. We want to use a consistent message instead of the hodgepodge you see up there now." But what about reminding people not to litter?

The new ads inform riders that the MTA is doing everything from installing countdown clocks to letting "whiz kids" design smartphone apps. However, not one of the new ads we saw this weekend warned of the dangers of running for trains, standing too close to the platform edge or throwing litter on the tracks. Most people already know the dangers, but it could mean a new generation of subway riders would never be reminded that they will not be left alone if they get sick on the train.

When asked if SubTalk or "Going Your Way" would ever return to the subway cars, Fleuranges said, “I’m not saying that ‘Going Your Way’ is gone, but right now that’s just not what we’re using." But at least now we know what all that fare-hike money is going toward.