Christmas is saved! After previously voting to strike just in time for Christmas, private security workers at JFK Airport (which are not to be confused with TSA workers) changed their mind last night. “Both Air Serv and Global Elite [the companies that manage the low-payed security teams] have agreed to meet" Prince Jackson, a security officer for Air Serv not (we assume) the late pop star's son, told workers yesterday. "So tonight we are calling off the strike for now and look forward to discussing our concerns with the contractors.

The workers "thought long and hard" before deciding against a walkout, Local 32BJ spokesman Michael Allen said of the decision yesterday. 32BJ has been actively helping the non-unionized security workers in their fight for more money, better training and better equipment.

The strike may be off, but the fight continues. “We ask all of our supporters to continue to stand up for improving airport jobs so that workers like me can have a voice in improving safety and security at JFK,” Jackson continued last night. "Our fight is not over. We will need you to help make sure we get a meaningful resolution with the security contractors that will allow airport workers to best serve the public, our families, and our community."