2006_05_fdrdrive.jpgOver the weekend, a driver took the time to U-turn and drive against traffic on the FDR for 30 blocks when police were tailing him. Apparently the driver, Thomas Mathurin, had been weaving on the Triborough Bridge and then paid no heed to the FDR's lane closures - there was a motorcycle procession. When he got to a blockade the police set up at East 44th, Mathurin turned around and headed north while still in the southbound lane. And did we mention that cops started to fire at him? Mathurin only stopped when he crashed into another patrol car around East 74th, and now he's charged with attempted murder and vehicular assault.

His sister says her brother is not crazy, but did tell the Daily News he had broken up with a girlfriend earlier in the year. She also mentioned that Mathurin was working as a real estate broker in Manhattan, and from what we know about the real estate market, that might explain some craziness, but this is in another league entirely.