2006_07_bellybutton.jpgWhat would the boys at McNamara/Troy do? Thirteen people are suing the head of plastic surgery at Montefiore for various instances of malpractices. The Post reports that one woman says Dr. Berish Strauch "removed so much of her skin he didn't have enough to form a belly button" and that her surgery took twice as long as it should have. And another woman's right nipple wouldn't reattach after a breast-reduction surgery. Strauch's lawyer would only say, "Plastic surgery is a high-profile medical specialty that, by its nature, attracts unwarranted litigation and media attention." Sure, plastic surgery has its pros and cons, but should losing a nipple or belly button just be collateral damage?

For more information about plastic surgery, check out the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Less reassuring but pretty fun is Awful Plastic Surgery, which looks at snafus from celebrities.