The Post has the ultimate voyeuristic front page today: The image is a photograph of a man, standing on a rooftop, watching a woman in a neighboring building. LB Jeffries, eat your heart out!

According to the Post, the man on the rooftop is a janitor at PS 116 in Murray Hill—and he's standing atop the school's roof, "where he stares for hours at women undressing in a nearby luxury building while pleasuring himself to the view, according to a local resident. The man has been spying on the school’s unsuspecting East 33rd Street neighbors for at least two weeks, including a stretch of six work days in a row, the witness said." And it gets worse:

On Tuesday, a Post reporter saw the man climb a ladder to the roof at 7:20 a.m. and hang out until well after 9 a.m. — enjoying the view while making sure nobody was watching. At one point, he settled into the corner of the building, which allows the best view of the nearby apartment building. The silhouette of a woman could be seen through a window.

The creep removed his work gloves and spent the next eight minutes masturbating while leering across the way.

A neighbor told the police, who apparently never did anything; the upset onlooker said, "This guy’s out here like clockwork. He’s very bold... He’s working in a grammar school. It’s disgusting. He should be arrested."

The paper helpfully adds, "Peering into people’s windows is only a crime if it’s being done with binoculars or cameras, according to a police source. But the man could be charged with public lewdness if cops witnessed him masturbating — or unlawful surveillance if the women in the windows were being recorded."

The Department of Education says it is investigating.

Back in 2007, when then-City Councilman Peter Vallone was trying to ban Peeping Toms (or Tonyas), the NYCLU's Donna Lieberman said, "New Yorkers look into each other's apartments all the time—we're living right on top of each other." And last year a judge ruled that a photographer who took a series of surreptitious photos of his neighbors across the street and exhibited them in a gallery had every legal right to do so.