Like Charlie Bucket desperately trying to find his way into the chocolate factory, last week a Mets fan dug so hard for her golden tooth that she got her arm stuck in a Citi Field toilet as its automatic flusher flooded over her time and again. Fans started becoming more interested in the unnamed fan's struggle that turned out to be as futile as the Mets' twelve inning losing battle with the Braves last Wednesday. Team officials had to call in Cardoza Plumbing, the company that installed the low-flow "green" toilets that "use powerful vacuum suction to cut down on water use." The Post talks toa plumber who tells them, "The truth is, this kind of thing happens all the time—usually with wedding rings or cellphones. People have probably been getting their hands stuck in toilets as long as there have been toilets." The paper mentions the 2003 cell phone flushing fiasco on a Metro North train and a woman in China stuck for two days trying to save her pet turtle (and by "turtle", they secretly mean "alligator"). At the very least, it sounds like this unfortunate Met fan deserves a sympathetic call from T-Pain—don't we all?