Solidifying his support for the Jets' bid to develop the West Side, Reverend Al Sharpton will be appearing in some pro-West Side Stadium ads. He says:

The Jets have come to labor, have come to the black and Latino community and have made firm commitments, which sets a standard for doing business in this city. No one should want to build in this city without dealing with the concerns and the needs of the people in this city. So they've earned our support.

The ads will start running tomorrow, according to the Daily News, but as with Mayor Giuliani's pro-West Side Stadium ads (which started running last week), Cablevision won't be showing the ads. As Cablevision has a big presence in the Bronx and Brooklyn, Gothamist wonders if the black support the Reverend Al hopes to drum up will happen.

And some consultants are actually saying both the Jets and Cablevision bids are way too low: The NY Post reports that MTA-hired Newmark & Company says that the space, "about 6 million square feet of prime real estate" should go for $200 per square foot, for a total of over $1 billion from any auction.

Photograph of exercising Al from Ruby Washington for the NY Times